In the middle of The Hague there is a climbing forest like no other. We don't use trees for a rope course. In this 'klimbos' it's all about actual treeclimbing! Back to basics... but on a whoooole new level.

Urban outdoor

In our climbing forest there are trees for everybody. You can climb as high as 20 meters, towering over the forest like a real jungle king. Or measure your skills against some of our more challenging routes.


On rare occassions we're open for the public, but mostly we do group reservations. Businesses, schools, family and birthday parties. We'd be more than happy to answer all your inquiries through mail or phone.

Birthday parties

The Hague Climbing Forest offers one of the best birthday parties in the city of the Hague. It's suitable for childeren from 8 and onwards. For younger kids we organise treeclimbing parties at Pluk! Den Haag.


Team outings, team building - we do it all. You can book us for a great afternoon of fun and challenges. Or we can reach deeper and use treeclimbing as a powerful tool for teambuilding and personal development.

Private session

Pick any tree. Throw a line. Miss. Throw again. We'll make it! Together we go up, untill we reach the crown. Cup of tea? Magic.. Our private sessions (up to 3 people) offer an experience with a profound impact.

Reach out

Please feel welcome with all your questions. Interested in joining a public climbing event? You can subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the home page or contact us directly. Thanks for taking an interest. See you in the tree tops!